Radio Copywriting 

Do you need a radio script written for your business? Or perhaps you are a radio station seeking radio copywriting services for multiple clients. We have over 25 years experience writing radio commercials for every type of client in every type of industry.

We can handle the day to day demands for radio stations or custom create a radio campaign “one one on” for a client. Our experience includes retail outlets, branding for companies, direct response radio and copywriting for automotive dealers.

A radio commercial that gets results us one that speaks to the target audience on their terms. Does it tough emotions? (good or bad) Does the radio copy solve a problem? Is it self serving for business or brand, or doe sit serve the listener. In a nutshell, once your grab the listeners attention, effective radio copywriting should answers this question for them: “What’s in it for me?”

Once you have the attention of your potential client or customer, you can now present them with your unique selling proposition. Add on the benefits and close with a strong call to action.

Effective Radio Copywriting

Serving the clients desire to have specific information is all well and good but it’s up to the writer to guide the client to focus their message. Radio is most effective when the message is focused on a single core message. Less information is more effective. Too many details means you have less time to make an impression on the listener and motivate them to act.

A radio commercial is not like print advertising. With print, a reader can take in a lot of details at a glance. They can scan the page for special offers. But does it sell? Even in print advertising, to grab attention and offer a unique selling proposition with the power to change the customers mind of where to spend their dollars – this takes focus, even in print.

Radio is linear. It can tell a story about a business. It also has the power to hone in on emotions which can motivate action towards the business, product or service being offered.

Contact us today and let us assist you in writing a radio commercial that sells.

Radio Copywriting Samples

Here is a sampling of our writing. These are also radio commercial we produced.

Retail and Branding Radio Commercials

Direct Response Radio Commercials