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Welcome to our Canadian website. We’ve had a strong online presence in the radio production scene since 2004. And it all started when we launched our website in 1997. We serve clients remotely no matter where they are located, providing them with cutting edge radio commercial production at competitive rates. Most of our clients are in the United States. That’s just how things evolved over the years.

The demand is big south of the border because US radio stations are not as well equipped to produce radio commercials for their clients. In many cases, to get a quality radio commercial produced businesses may need to go to a local agency for their creative and production. We serve a lot of those agencies who are in need of economically priced radio production.

Canadian Business, Ad Agencies and Radio Stations

While we have always had Canadian clients, we recently decided to devote more time to serving Canadian businesses and radio stations with radio commercial production services. After all, we’ve always been here… working away from Edmonton, Alberta. Radio in Canada is a great place to advertise. Not only is it less competitive with fewer radio stations per capita, radio in Canada really takes care of their clients. The marketing advice is strong. The copywriters are trained. And radio stations have good producers and production facilities.

So with all those positive benefits, why would any business hire us? Unlike the United States, there are fewer alternatives when it comes to finding a unique radio production service priced in the middle between the local radio stations and bigger Canadian agencies. You may want a fresh creative idea or an exclusive voice talent for your market. Your local radio station may not have what you’re looking for and if you go to the larger ‘brick and mortar agency, you’ll pay dearly.

Radio Production Services

We are more than a production house. We also provide radio copywriting services for an individual business or for radio stations. We have a good roster of male and female voice talents working from their home studios, so you can get quality without the sticker shock. We’d be happy to share more about our business and work from our main website. Simply email us or call and let us know what you need:

  • Copywriting and radio production?
  • Radio Production for Radio Stations?
  • Production for Advertising Agencies?
  • Audio for Television Commercials?
  • Automotive Commercials?
  • Male and Female Voice Talent?
  • Radio production for US Market.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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